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Kayak Launch

Kayak Launch

Connect-A-Dock launch system provides a safe and convenient way to access your kayak or canoe. Simple to launch and retrieve using Stoltz rollers and entry assist rails. Attaching to the 1000 Series low profile dock system it provides a floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels.

PWC Walkway Bracket

PWC Walkway Bracket

part # PWCWB1000

Add extra walking space with two brackets and FS1030 float sections.

PWC Extra Floatation

PWC Extra Floatation

part # EF2XL

Three extra floatation are required for each Connect-A-Port 2XL adding 300 lbs of buoyancy

Float Section 90" x 120"

Large 2000 Series Float Section

Model FS1120

The FS1120 low profile section is molded of maintenance-free polyethylene with a skid-resistant surface that repels both water and the sun’s extreme heat.

90" x 120" x 10" (228.6 cm x 304.8 cm x 25.4 cm) Weight: 350 lbs. (158.8 Kg)

2000 Series-High Profile 72" x 120"

Large 2000 Series Float Section

Model FS2120

The primary component of the easy slip fit connection system. Layout 6' wide walk ways

72" x 120" x 20" (182.9 cm x 304.8 cm x 51 cm)

Maximum flotation: 4800 lb

1000 Series-Low Profile Finishing Connector

1000 Serie Finishing Connector

Model FC1000

Give the side walls of your 1000 Series Connect-A-Dock an attractive finished appearance and keep debris out of the connector sockets.  (Hardware included)

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2000 Series-High Profile Finishing Connector

Finishing Connector check debris out of connector sockets

Model FC2000

Give the side walls of your 2000 Series Connect-A-Dock an attractive finished appearance.  (Hardware included)

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