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The 1000 Series (low profile) is the dock of choice around the world

View the dock in use - singles to 8 person shells

The float sections are rotationally molded of durable, long lasting polyethylene. This floating dock system endures the elements and the 8-year warranty ensures its performance year after year.

Rowers and rowing coaches will appreciate the dock’s stability, creating a safe platform for entering and exiting their shells.

This extra confidence allows the rowers to concentrate on their rowing , rather than worry about their footing.

Connect-A-Dock is ideally designed for today’s user-friendly facility!

Rowing Packages

Model RPK1006

PDF of RPK1006

22' 6" x 10' (6.86m x 3.05m)

3 - FS1120 Float Section (90"x120"x10")

16 - FC1020 Float Connector

Model RPK1007

PDF of RPK1007

37' 6" x 10' (11.43m x 3.05m)

5 - FS1120 Float Section (90"x120"x10")

32 - FC1020 Float Connector

Model RPK1008

PDF of RPK1008

60' x 10' (18.29m x 3.05m)

8 - FS1120 Float Section (90"x120"x10")

56 - FC1020 Float Connector

Model RPK1009

PDF of RPK1009

82' 6" x 10' (25.15m x 3.05m)

11 - FS1120 Float Section (90"x120"x10")

80 - FC1020 Float Connector

Model RPK1010

PDF of RPK1010

80' x 15' (24.39m x 4.57m)

16 - FS1120 Float Section (90"x120"x10")

148 - FC1020 Float Connector

(All packages can be modified to meet your project requirements)

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Doug Beville

Regatta Director for Chattanooga Head Race which is run by Lookout Rowing Club

We are very impressed with the dock system that Connect-A-Dock has designed for us. This exceptional dock was the hit of the event and generated many positive comments. Our new dock made it incredibly easy for athletes to launch and return their shells. The addition of this dock has provided us with a truly world-class rowing venue.

Craig Amerkhanian

Director of Rowing, Stanford University

Connect-A--Dock is the most stable dock we've been on, permanent or mobile.  The ease of construction, movement, and durability is the best of any we've seen.

Christine H.B. Grant

Athletic Director Emeritus

As an Athletic Director, it was my responsibility to secure equipment of the highest quality at the best price. With the Connect-A-Dock we got both; and our rowing team and coaches just love it.

The dock is the most stable and most versatile I have seen. Since I have served on the NCAA Rowing Committee for several years, I have seen some of the best docks in the nation. For my money, Connect-A-Dock is the best.

It is extraordinarily easy to reconfigure the design and it is almost indestructible. You will never regret your decision to buy this excellent product.

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