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March 11, 2013

Connect-A-Dock PWC drive on plays part in a rescue

These Ports utilized by the City of Dunkirk Dive Rescue team played an important role in the rescue of a 37yr old woman who became in distress while swimming in Lake Erie off of Wright Park Beach in Dunkirk N.Y. on July 10th, 2010 at approximately 7:00 P.M.

After receiving the call of the woman in distress and having the Dive team activated, dive team members were able to arrive at the Marina and have our two donated Yamaha jet skis from Appolson's Performance Center in Hamburg N.Y. launched from the Connect A Dock PWC ports within four minutes of team activation and had reached the woman and recovered her within two minutes of the launch of the PWC's.

Without the PWC ports we would have had to trailer the PWC's from the fire station to the lake and then launch them in the water, which would have taken valuable minutes possibly making the difference from a rescue to a recovery.

After speaking with the rescued woman she stated that although she had a floating pool raft with her she was unable to get on it and she was becoming extremely fatigued and light headed trying to fight the water current and waves around the cliff area and was grateful for the quick response not knowing how long she could hold on.

Officer Matthew Hazelton
City of Dunkirk Police Department
342 Central Ave.
Dunkirk N.Y. 14048

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