Connect-A-Dock Floating Docks

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Make a Connection to Life®

1000 Series or 2000 Series Docks

Floating Boat Dock
Two freeboard sizes

Connect-A-Dock Modular Floating Docks and PWC Dock

About Us

Connect-A-Dock Inc. is a Subsidiary of Owner Revolution Inc.

A company dedicated to uncompromising quality and service.  As an ESOP company, Connect-A-Dock Inc. is sensitive to preserving our natural resources just as you are.  We invite you to discover the synergy of working together for an even better waterfront experience.

Connect-A-Dock Inc. has reorganized its corporate structure effective November 1, 2003 to better reflect its business operations and to provide a platform for its continued growth. The former Schafer Systems Inc. (SSI) holding company structure will now be known as Owner Revolution Inc. Sister companies: Schafer Systems - lottery POP, The Plastic Professionals - Rotational Molding, Dandy Dock - PWC Drive On, Blue Wave specializes in providing industrial ultrasonic cleaners and Schafer Solutions - turn-key plastic products

 The company’s current line of marine products includes the Connect-A-Dock 1000 Series-Low Profile floating docks and the 2000 Series-High Profile floating docks. Connect-A-Dock Inc. will continually provide our customers with innovative new marine products. Buy now a variety dock accessories online @

Contact us with your installation needs, and we will quote your application at no cost or obligation.