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Make a Connection to Life®

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Connect-A-Dock® Product Catalog

Modular Floating Dock

YAKport® - Kayak Launch

Rowing Dock

Connect-A-Port PWC Docking

Park and Government

Sistema de Muelles de Flotación Modular

Rampa de moto acuática personal

Lanzamiento de kayak

Assembly Installation Instructions

Connect-A-Dock Complete Product Assembly Instruction

1000 Series (Low Profile)

2000 Series (High Profile)

Connect-A-Port XL6 and XL5



YAKport® - Roto Grab Bars and Roto Overhead Assist

Dock Boxes

Here at Connect A Dock® we specialize in boating docks, Jet Ski dock, connect a dock and much more! So if you are in the market for a floating dock then search no further than Connect A Dock

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