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Make a Connection to Life®

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Connect-A-Port XL6

Connect-A-Port Xl6 - Six foot wide PWC Docking

The new Connect-A-Port XL6 - Wider walking surface | Adjustable rollers

72” x 156” x 23”

Weight: 375 lbs

Maximum Flotation: 2000 lb

YAKport® - Kayak Launch

Kayak Launch

YAKport® launch makes getting in and out of the water easy for beginners or experienced users. Kayaks, Canoes or Stand Up Paddle Boards with a width 34" and under can use the YAKport®.

Float Section 90" x 120"

Large 2000 Series Float Section

Model FS1120

The FS1120 low profile section is molded of maintenance-free polyethylene with a skid-resistant surface that repels both water and the sun’s extreme heat.

90" x 120" x 10" (228.6 cm x 304.8 cm x 25.4 cm) Weight: 350 lbs. (158.8 Kg)

PWC Walkway Bracket

PWC Walkway Bracket

part # PWCWB1000

Add extra walking space with two brackets and FS1030 float sections.

PWC Extra Floatation

PWC Extra Floatation

part # EF2XL

Three extra floatation are required for each Connect-A-Port 2XL adding 300 lbs of buoyancy

2000 Series-High Profile 72" x 120"

Large 2000 Series Float Section

Model FS2120

The primary component of the easy slip fit connection system. Layout 6' wide walk ways

72" x 120" x 20" (182.9 cm x 304.8 cm x 51 cm)

Maximum flotation: 4800 lb