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Make a Connection to Life®

Flag pole attaches to any 2000 Series Dock

Floating Dock Fishing
Telescoping pole can be raised to height of 10', 15' or 20'

Flag Pole 2000 Series-High Profile

One or Two Flags

The Flag pole attaches to any 2000 Series connector slot in minutes - only one person is needed for assembly. The Telescoping pole can be raised to height of 10', 15' or 20'. The gold ornament ball tops off the flag pole. An optional locking device, that is inclued, keeps anyone from lowering the pole.

Show your support with one or two flags and one flag at half mass when needed.

Connector-Pole Bracket-Flag Pole

Model AC2002MTL (Accessory Connector - metal)

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Model PB2002 (Pole Bracket)

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Model FP2000 (Flag Pole)

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Note: Order each item seperate

The Connect-A-Dock Flag Pole attaches easily to any existing 2000 Series (HP) dock system. The flag pole is a Telescoping pole that reaches 10', 15' or 20'



  • Attaches to 2000 Series - High Profile float sections
  • Galvanized Pole Bracket
  • Order each item seperatly - Accessory Connector, Pole Bracket and Flag Pole
  • Powder coated Accessory Connector
  • Light weight Aluminum Flag Pole or purchase your own 2.5" od pole
  • Telescoping Flag Pole - 10', 15' or 20'
  • Flag pole can fly two flags
  • Ornament Gold ball
  • One person assembly

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