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Why is a floating boat dock right for you?

Feel like stepping out..

Step no further than the waters edge. Adventure invites the buzz of a reel, the air before the splash or the roar of a parting wake. Your floating boat dock takes you to these places and more. Here are the top 10 reason that Connect-A-Dock floating boat docks expands your waterfront adventure.

Why Connect-A-Dock is the Boat Dock of Choice —

1. Simple assembly – the easiest dock system on earth to assemble. Can easily be assembled by one person without getting into the water.

2. Modular and easy to configure – very easy to set up in an infinite number of configurations and to quickly and easily expand season after season.

3. Highly durable construction – backed by an extended product warranty. Rugged wall thickness and U.V. inhibitors designed to provide years of worry-free use.

4. 1000 Series-Low Profile and 2000 Series-High Profile –  allows the option of choosing the best dock series for any particular situation. 

5. Broad range of accessories available – customize your dock with a wide range of innovative accessories to maximize your enjoyment.

6. Aesthetically pleasing – molded in a Light Gray color with an attractive wood grain texture which blends in well with your environment.

7. Maintenance free polyethylene material – will not rust, rot, splinter, peel or corrode. Eliminates costly annual dock maintenance. 

8. A variety of anchoring options are available – choose poles, weights & chains or piling loops to best fit your application.

9. Adjusts to fluctuating water conditions – the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy.

10. Exceptionally stable – when properly anchored, provides a safe and stable platform.