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Make a Connection to Life®

Self-Wicking Planter

Gardening on the water with self wicking planter
Add plants to your dock

Dock Planter

Self-Wicking Planter - Add some color to your life — and your dock!

Enjoy your favorite flowers and plants while you relax on your dock. The new Connect-A-Dock Self-Wicking Planter makes gardening easy! Simply add a pole connector to your 1000 Series (LP) or 2000 Series (HP) existing dock, slip in the planter with attached wicking system and you’re ready to plant your favorite flowers.* In minutes, you can turn your dock into a colorful waterfront garden! So go ahead, take the time to “smell the roses”!

You deserve it! And it's easy with Connect-A-Dock!

The new Connect-A-Dock Planter is a colorful addition to any existing 1000 or 2000 Series dock. With the Self-Wicking System, your plants* will receive all the moisture they need — no garden hose or watering can is necessary!

Classically designed to look like a Grecian urn and cleverly molded with a faux granite look, this Planter will definitely add a touch of class — and don’t forget color! Take only a couple of minutes to add your favorite plants and flowers and get ready to relax and enjoy time in your new waterfront Eden!

Add a self wicking planter to your floating dock

Model SWP1020

In minutes you can turn your dock into a colorful water front garden. Enjoy your favorite flowers and plants while you relax on your dock.

Self-Wicking Planter with Pole Connector

Model PT1020 and PC1010

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Model SWP1020 & PC1010, PT1020 & PC2022

flowers on the dock

Self-Wicking Planter with 1000 Pole Connector

Model SWP1020 and PC1010

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Self-Wicking Planter with 2000 Pole Connector

Model PT1020 and PC2022

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*Plants and flowers must be potted per wicking instructions. Please exercise caution when using the planter in salt water environments. Check to make sure that the plants are salt water compatible before planting. If using in salt water, please check the wick for salt deposits and replace, if necessary.